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Angola eVisa For U.S. Citizens

Angola introduced a new Electronic Visa – Angola eVisa – form in March this year. People from certain countries can now apply for an Angola visa to visit the country.

The visa application process is more streamlined for those eligible for this Angola eVisa. It only takes a few minutes to submit an application.

Tourism and leisure are allowed on the Angola eVisa. For those looking to do business, the visa will provide the documentation for a stay of 10 or 30 days.

You can apply for the Angola eVisa online to allow you to come to Angola just once or multiple times.

If you’re an American citizen and hold a U.S. Passport, you can be granted an Angola eVisa, valid for 30 days.

The Angola eVisa can be used for 60 days straight from the date it was issued, after which it expires.

Online form for travelers to fill out, basic personal info required, passport details, and contact information.

Once you submit the Angola eVisa application, you’ll receive an approved eVisa within a few days.

The eVisas of Angola are issued by the Migration and Foreigners Service on behalf of the government. This is the office that manages visas in the country.

The eVisa is designed to keep people from entering Angola, even if they are only there for a few days. It does not allow foreigners to work or live there, even for a short time.

To be paid or move to Angola, you must contact your country’s embassy there.

Angola eVisa Requirements

If you’re considering applying for an Angola eVisa, remember that you must fulfill the Angola eVisa requirements.

You’ll need to hold an eligible passport to get your Angola eVisa.
You’ll also need to provide some other information to fill out the online application for your Angola eVisa.

These are:

  • Digital copy of the traveler’s passport with 1 year’s validity and at least 4 empty pages on their passport
  • Passport-style photo on a white background. Width
  • International vaccination certificate
    Hotel reservation
  • Proof of funds, e.g., a bank statement
  • Proof of boarding pass with return or onward flight

All travelers who want an eVisa for Angola must provide a current email address and choose their payment method when applying.

To enter Angola, you’ll need to apply for an eVisa. Once you have that, print it out and bring it with you on your trip. Make sure to present it together with your passport when crossing the border.
The passport used in the online application must be used to enter Angola.

If you’re traveling to Angola and your passport is lost, stolen, damaged, or invalidated before the trip, apply for a new Angola eVisa.

Visa policy for Angola eVisa

Angola has a few different visas for travelers that might be needed to enter the country.

The requirements depend on your nationality, purpose of visit, and intended length of stay in Angola.

Angola’s eVisa entry permits cover short stays (and are free). They can be granted to visitors from certain countries- ideal for tourists and business people alike.

Most other nationalities must apply for visas at the embassy before visiting Angola – including short-term trips.

It’s best to get any visas sorted before you move to Angola, mainly if it includes a work visa. This usually includes a residency permit and study visa.

Depending on what you’re doing in Angola, it might also require a long-term visa.

Angolan visas on arrival can be obtained by some travelers as they get to the border. They need to meet several requirements, which are explained in more detail below.

Some cons to consider for this service, such as the long wait. The process could also be complicated if you need to input all of your information correctly.

If you’re a national in select countries, you can apply for visas before traveling to Angola.

Want to know about Angola’s visa policies? Check out our guide for more.

Tourist eVisa Policy for Angola

According to Angola’s visa policy, U.S. citizens must obtain a visa to visit for tourism, and many other countries must issue an Angola eVisa for tourism.

Angola has several visas available online. U.S. citizens can get a visa for business or tourism purposes.

The eVisa for Angola allows U.S. passport holders to obtain a visa online before the flight and visit Angola for tourism purposes. The electronic visa is available for American passports quickly and conveniently without leaving home.

Travelers applying for this eVisa should be traveling to Angola for tourism purposes. The eVisa is not valid for employment, business, journalism, or other purposes.

U.S. citizens can stay up to 30 days in Angola for recreation and leisure with an electronic visa. For extended visits over 30 days, you need to go to the nearest Angolan embassy to get a visa in your passport.

Visa extension you plan on staying longer than 30 days in Angola, you must get a visa extension at the nearest Angolan embassy.

Angola also allows a visa upon arrival, but this option is less convenient and significantly delays your entry into Angola.

Suppose you chose not to apply for a visa before your flight but to request a visa upon arrival.

In that case, you will have to stand in line at the immigration authority at the airport and fill out a visa application, pay an appropriate fee and wait for an answer.

Please note that the additional visa fee is USD15 and must be paid on arrival.

Suppose U.S. citizens are not eligible for a U.S. passport. In that case, they are not eligible to receive an electronic visa to Angola. They should go to the nearest embassy or consulate where they live.

Angola eVisa

After applying for an Angola eVisa, American citizens will receive a digital entry card to Angola.

Their entry card details are their passport number, date and time of entry, passport type (it will say U.S. Passport or some other country’s), nationality, and whether the holder is a citizen or non-citizen.

eVisa holders who must enter Angola for business purposes should complete a business visa application form.

Along with the U.S., Angola allows another 65 different countries to apply online for a visa to Angola. . This includes all European Union nations and select South American countries.

The visa allows a stay in the African country for tourism, business, or a family visit.

From the day your visa is issued, U.S. passport holders can enter Angola within 60 days. The electronic visa is valid for two months for its use. You can enter once or multiple times, depending on your choice.

It is a good idea to enter through one of the main points of entry: Luanda, Benguela, and Huambo. If you plan on traveling within Angola, bring your passport as you need it at every entry point.

At each entry into Angola, Americans may stay up to 30 days before departure. Their electronic visa cannot be extended from within Angola. If you want to stay more than 30 days in Angola, you must leave the country and apply for a suitable visa.

Entry without a visa is not possible from Angola to any country.

The details an American needs for an application are:

  1. A first name
  2. Passport details
  3. An application form for Angola
  4. Answering security questions
  5. Uploading supporting documents such as an airline ticket and hotel reservation

Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their application for entry clearance into Angola and further details about their trip.

See a complete list of countries eligible for a visa to Angola online.

Visa on arrival to Angola

It is not an electronic visa to Angola but a flight to Angola without a visa and requesting it when meeting with the immigration officers in Angola.
American citizens can come to Angola without a visa. Still, they must apply for one at the airport at the immigration authority. You must go to the immigration office at the airport and follow the instructions of the officers.

Angola allows over 125 countries to receive a visa on arrival. From this, you can understand that getting a visa at the airport is long, tedious, and requires a lot of patience.

The number of travelers you will meet applying for a visa upon arrival is enormous. Compared to the number of people who came prepared in advance with an electronic visa.

The visa on arrival is the same invalid and is used as an Angola eVisa. Americans can stay up to 30 days in Angola. After 29 days, you must leave the country; extending your stay in Angola with the visa on arrival is impossible.

Although you will receive the visa in your passport at the airport in Angola, you must have a confirmation of payment for the visa in advance and print it.

In addition, you must bring the supporting documents for your application. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

The visa upon arrival to Angola can be obtained at one of the following airports:

  1. Quattro de Febreiro Airport (Luanda)
  2. Lubango Airport
  3. Masabi Airport (border of the Republic of Congo)
  4. Luau Airport (DRC border)
  5. Koroka Airport (Namibia border)
  6. Kalai Airport (Namibia border)
  7. Katwitwi Airport (Namibia border)

What are the visa concerns on arrival? The Americans’ concern about a visa on the spot rather than in advance is the uncertainty of its approval.

Angola is an independent country, and each person applying to enter it is checked individually. It is not required to approve their application.

Aid-Air recommends getting an Angola eVisa in advance and securing your entry into the country.

Moreover, there is no possibility of correcting your application on the spot, like checking the documents several times when submitting online to Angola.

Angola passport visa for U.S. passport

Suppose you wish to stay more than 30 days in Angola without leaving the country. In that case, you must contact the consulate to issue a suitable visa.

The visa over 30 days cannot be for tourism or business but for other purposes.

Visas in the Angola passport can be used by you for work, medical treatment, studies, or volunteering. You can travel to Angola visa-free for up to 3 months, but this is not recommended. You must apply for a visa before traveling if a more extended stay is required.

Angola eVisa with Aid-Air

Aid-Air helps Americans fill out and prepare the documents for the application precisely according to the instructions of the Angolan immigration authority.

After years of experience in issuing visas for American passports to Angola, Aid-Air significantly increases the chances of getting a visa in advance to Angola without fear and quickly.

How does Aid-Air’s service differ from filing independently or with another company?

Applying with Aid-Air does not require you to fill out forms or applications. We work in full cooperation with the immigration authorities, which is why we prepare your applications.

At the same time, it is essential to note that failure to provide personal details may lead to rejection and are under the passenger’s responsibility.

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