Australia eTA and Visa For US Passport

Visas available to Australia for American citizens:
Australia eTA
What is Necessary ?
Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462)
What is Necessary ?
Australia eVisitor (Subclass 651)
What is Necessary ?
Australia Visitor visa (Subclass 600)
What is Necessary ?
Student visa (Subclass 500)
What is Necessary ?
Another 71 visas are available for Australia

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Australian eTA For U.S. Citizens

US citizens visiting Australia must issue an electronic travel authorization called an Australia eTA.

American passport holders do not need to travel to an Australian embassy or consulate. Still, they can receive the travel permit directly by email or WhatsApp with the help of Aid-Air’s service. An electronic travel authorization is considered the safest and most convenient way for Americans to enter Australia.

What does an Australian eTA allow for US citizens?

Australia eTA is an electronic travel authorization that allows American citizens and citizens of other eligible countries to enter the territory of Australia for various purposes.

Issuing an Australia eTA is the most convenient way to fly to Australia from the United States.

Americans can receive the confirmation directly to the email address or WhatsApp about Australia’s online system.

What does Australia’s eTA mean?

Australia eTA may be the boxes of the Electronic Travel Authority. In 1996, Australia first introduced this travel authorization to eligible countries; over the years, the Australian Immigration Authority added additional countries to the eligibility of American citizens for the Australian eTA.

Australia’s electronic travel authorization allows Americans to travel to Australia visa-free with multiple entries. US passport holders can stay in Australia with an eTA for up to three months with no limit on the number of entries into the country.

Are US passport holders eligible for an Australian eTA?

Yes, American citizens can issue an online Australia eTA for a stay of up to three months per entry. The number of entries into the country for Americans is unlimited.

US citizens can obtain an Australia eTA for the following purposes:

  1. Tourism
  2. Business purposes
  3. Transit flight

Americans with dual citizenship, one in European countries, can apply for eVisitor. Both types of visas are identical in options for similar purposes.

At the same time, eTA for Australia requires installing a suitable application on your mobile phone. Compared to eVisitor for Australia, which does not require installing an app.

Are Americans required to submit an Australia eTA?

There is no obligation to submit an Australia eTA for American citizens. US passport holders can apply for a different visa; see the options above.

If you need a visa for a different purpose or a stay of more than three months, Americans can apply for visa 600. Visa 600 for Americans allows a stay of up to one year continuously in Australia. In addition, there are visas for particular purposes, such as:

  • Family visa.
  • Entry by cruise to Australia.
  • Expert visa.
  • Official business travel.
  • Tourist and work visa – for a certain period.

Do Americans Need an Australian Visa?
US passport holders must have a valid Australia eTA to visit Australia for up to 3 months.

The Australian eTA for US nationals is an online travel authorization that replaces the need for a visa.

The eTA covers vacations, business trips, and transit through Australia. It is valid for a year and allows multiple visits of up to 3 months.

However, if you want to stay in Australia for more than three months or work in Australia. In that case, they will be required to apply for an Australian visa for Americans.

This must be obtained from the nearest Australian government diplomatic office in the United States by making an embassy appointment before the intended travel dates.
An embassy visa for Australia for US citizens may be issued for studying, working, or residency, among other options. The type of Australian visa issued depends on the needs of the individual American applicant.

Is entry to Australia free for Americans?

No, entering Australia requires Americans to issue visas before flying to Australia. All Australian visas for US passport holders are online and can be sent via email or WhatsApp.

The easiest way to get permission to enter Australia for Americans is to issue an Australia eTA. The eTA is a substitute for visas for various purposes, allowing a stay of up to three months in Sydney, Melbourne, and other Australian cities.

The eTA is suitable for vacation travel, informal business meeting, and even just transit in Australia. It is valid for one year, and you can enter or pass multiple times in the country.

As mentioned, if you want to stay for more than three months or the purpose of the trip is for another purpose, you must adapt the visa to your purpose precisely.

It is essential to know that Australia offers over 70 different types of visas that are intended for specific purposes. With Aid-Air’s service for issuing visas to Australia, we will first understand your purpose and occupation in Australia and then recommend the visa that best suits your purpose and stay.

Even if it is for special visas such as studies or immigration, Aid-Air can help prepare the documents for the application and check their correctness. Special visas for Americans will require a visit to your nearest embassy or consulate.

Australia eTA application for US passport holders

To get an Australia eTA, US citizens must submit an appropriate application. For the application, you need your passport and your basic personal information.

With Aid-Air, American citizens do not need to fill out documents or applications for an eTA to Australia. Aid-Air’s unique service only needs a photocopy of your passport and primary data such as your residential address.

The entire process of sending the passport photo to Aid-Air takes a few minutes.

The advantage of Aid-Air’s service of obtaining an eTA for Australia is that you do not have to verify or worry that you have made a mistake in the details or there is an error in the data that could lead to the rejection of your application.

A separate passport should be sent for each passenger with an American passport.

Each immigrant needs an eTA to Australia separately, even if they are children flying with their parents or children listed in their parents ‘passports.

The application for eTA Australia must be submitted when you are outside of Australia. You can be in any third country; you don’t have to be in the US to submit the application.

The ideal time to submit an eTA in Australia is about seven days before flying to Australia. At the same time, Aid-Air recommends an earlier submission in case the application is rejected. And this is to have enough time to apply for a different type of visa for you.

What documents do Americans need for Australia eTA?

American citizens must meet primary conditions before applying for an Australia eTA online. You must check that you:

  1. Holder of a valid US passport.
  2. Correct email on access.

In addition, there are also security and medical requirements for American citizens:

  • A clean criminal record or a criminal record with a sentence of less than a year (whether a prison sentence or a suspended sentence).
  • You are not sick or infected with tuberculosis.

How do you get an eTA to Australia after approval?

Or the immigration authority, after checking your documents and past, has approved the request, you receive the Australia eTA online to your email address and WhatsApp or any other platform.

Australia eTA is valid from the day it is approved. If the travel authorization was received on January 1, 2023, it is valid until January 1, 2024. In addition, the eTA for Australia is linked to your passport number.

Therefore, if your passport is lost or expires before the travel authorization expires, the visa is invalid, and you need to issue a new visa.
In other words, you must fly with the passport you submitted the application and presented it to the immigration authority upon entering the country.

Aid-Air recommends printing your travel confirmation to Australia if your phone suddenly stops working.

How do Americans get final approval for an Australian eTA?

As mentioned, after the application is submitted and the immigration authority approves the application, your passport number is automatically linked to the eTA travel authorization to Australia.
Aid-Air will also send you a copy of the confirmation to your email address and WhatsApp.

The validity of the approval starts from the day it is approved and is valid until one year or the expiration of your passport, whichever comes first.

American passport holders must present the Australia eTA when boarding a flight to Australia and when entering the immigration officers upon landing.

Australian visa policy for Americans

Australia’s visa policy for US citizens determines which visa or travel authorization a US passport holder must obtain before flying to Australia to visit it.

The requirements and documents of the visa applications depend on several factors, such as length of stay in Australia, the purpose of the visit, the type of activity in Australia, etc.

Australia included the USA in the list of countries eligible for an online visa without the need to go to the Australian embassy or consulate to obtain a travel permit. The visas allow Americans to stay in Australia for any purpose.

According to Australia’s immigration authorities, the quickest and easiest way is to apply online.

Aid-Air services can be used to prepare and submit various types of visas to Australia. The most popular travel authorization among Americans is the Australian eTA.

Even if your goal is to stay longer in Australia, over three months, get paid, or come to the country as an expert, Aid-Air can help you get a suitable visa.

Americans with dual citizenship are eligible to submit separate applications for each passport. Sometimes an Australian eTA will suit your purpose better than an eVisitor for a European passport.

To visit the islands of Australia or other territories such as the Australian Antarctic, you must submit a particular application in advance in sufficient time to receive approval from the appropriate authorities.

Below you will find comprehensive information about Australia’s immigration policy for US passport holders.

Australian policy for a tourist visa for Americans

There are many options for US passport holders to come to Australia for tourism purposes. The most popular entry permit among Americans to Australia is the Australia eTA.

Australia offers other types for tourism purposes, such as the tourist sub-visa 600. An Australian eTA tourist visa allows you to continuously stay from three months to a year in Australia. In addition, the visa is valid for one to three years respectively.

Suppose you have European passports such as German, Dutch, French, etc. In that case, you can submit an eVisitor instead of an eTA to Australia.

It is important to remember you must board the flight and present the same passport with which you applied for the visa to the immigration authorities at the entrance to Australia. If your passport has expired – you cannot board the flight.

Suppose you do not have an American passport and you are currently in the status of a permanent resident or a candidate for American citizenship. In that case, you can issue a visa only at the Australian embassy closest to your residence.

eTA travel authorization to Australia

The electronic travel permit to Australia is a sub-visa called 601, which is suitable for American, Canadian, and British citizens.
Aid-Air recommends that this is the simplest and fastest visa you can get if it is a vacation trip shorter than three months.

Most Australian immigration authorities approve this travel permit within two business days.

You do not need to go to the Australian consulate to submit the documents and interview with the official; you only have to take a photo of the passport and send it to the Aid-Air service.

Australian Embassies and Consulates in the United States

As mentioned, US passport holders do not have to go to the embassy or consulate in order to get an Australian eTA.

At the same time, if your goal is immigration or studies, sometimes the immigration authorities will ask you to come to an interview at the consulate.

Below you can find the list of consulates throughout the United States:

Australian consulate in Chicago

123 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1330, Chicago IL 60606

Australian consulate in Honolulu

Penthouse, 1000 Bishop Street, Honolulu 96813

Australian consulate in Houston

3009 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1310, Houston TX 77056

Australian consulate in Los Angeles

Century Plaza Towers – 31st Floor, 2029 Century Park East, Century City, Los Angeles CA 90067

Australian consulate in New York

150 East 42nd Street, 34th Floor, New York NY 10017-5612

Australian consulate in San Francisco

575 Market Street, Suite 1800 (18th Floor)

Australian embassy in Whashington DC

1601 Massachusetts Ave, Washington DC NW 20036-2273

Australian consulate in Denver

1525 Market Street, Suite 100 Denver CO 80205

Other consulates in the world

To American citizens in third countries

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