What is the Bahrain eVisa?

Apply For Visa to Bahrain

What is the Bahrain eVisa?

The Bahrain eVisa is a new program which allows citizens from various countries to apply for a visa online and receive an electronic authorization to enter the country.

Unlike with regular visas, the eVisa does not require a traveller to leave their home country in order to obtain authorization.

Instead, applicants simply need to submit the necessary documents through an online application process and pay for the visa before entering Bahrain’s territory.

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Who is eligible for the eVisa for Bahrain?

Bahrain is a small country on the Arabian Gulf coast that borders Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Bahrain’s economy is dependent on oil production, making it vulnerable to fluctuations in oil prices. The economy has been diversified with investment in the tourism industry, financial services and manufacturing.

The top visitors to Bahrain with the eVisa come from the following countries:

United Kingdom
United States

Citizens of all countries with a GCC Residence Card (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates) are now eligible for a Bahrain eVisa. This visa is valid for one month and comes at a cost of BD 2.

The visa is not renewable and the person who holds it must leave the country before their expiration date or pay an additional BD 5 fee to.

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