How Long To Get Sri Lanka Visa

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How To Get A Sri Lankan Visa Easily and Quickly

How long to get sri lanka visa?

With the concurrence of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E), Sri Lanka Overseas Mission will issue an ETA or short stay visa within 3 business days.

What is a Sri Lanka Visa?

A Sri Lanka eTA is a document issued to foreign nationals intending to travel to Sri Lanka as tourists.

The visa can be obtained from the nearest Sri Lankan embassy, which then issues the tourist an entry permit on behalf of the Immigration and Emigration Department in Colombo.

A Sri Lanka visa online allows travelers to obtain a visa for Sri Lanka without visiting the country’s embassy.

The applicant must fill in a form and pay the appropriate fee on the eTA Aid-Air website.

Sri Lanka’s online visa processing time can vary depending on certain factors. Sri Lanka ETA applicants receive their approved travel authorization quickly, following the application guidelines.

This page explains how long to get Sri lanka visa and other important information related to the Sri Lankan online visa application process.

What is the wait time for the Sri Lankan ETA process?

The Sri Lanka ETA application process is easy.

Therefore, the question “How long to get Sri Lanka visa”, depends on how quickly you submit the application.

First, fill out the form, submit your payment, and finally get a confirmation email which you should print and bring to the Sri Lanka immigration office.

Three simple steps:

  1. Send us your passport scan
  2. Pay the fee
  3. Receive the Sri Lanka ETA by email or WhatsApp

The ETA application process takes less than 10 minutes, and applicants only need to provide a few details.

If the applicant plans to visit Sri Lanka, they can do it all within 10 minutes, providing they have all the relevant information.

Sri Lanka ETA applicants must ensure all their info is accurate before submitting their request. If not, a delayed response or rejection might happen.

It can take up to 10 working days for Sri Lankan visas to be processed.

The Sri Lanka online visa application process may be more complicated than you think, but it can be tailored according to your needs. It’s the best way to smooth out any issues you might have and save yourself a lot of headaches.

As Sri Lanka’s tourism industry continues to grow, more and more travelers are applying for visas.

Usually, a tourist visa will only be granted if the applicant has already booked and paid for an approved tour package that takes care of transportation, lodging & other logistics. However, to avoid this requirement, you can apply for an “e-visa.”

Sri Lanka ETA priority service

If you’re in a rush, then the priority service for a Sri Lanka ETA is the solution.

You’ll receive approved travel authorization in around 1 hour to focus on other aspects of your trip without worrying about what might take up your time while you’re away.

To request the priority service, simply make sure you have selected this option on the payment page. The Sri Lanka ETA express service is an additional fee, but it is worth it as it is the fastest way to receive your travel authorization.

Sri Lanka ETA standard service

How long to get Sri Lanka visa if I submit the application two weeks before the flight?

Travelers who want to spend less fee for their Sri Lanka ETA can go with the regular option. It takes 1-2 working days with this option.

The Sri Lanka Immigration Department has made it easier to apply for travel authorization.

Most applicants can get their visa in less than 5 days, but there are cases where the process might take a little longer if there are any delays with your documentation.

Do you need an urgent visa?

How long to get Sri Lanka visa in an emergency situation before a flight?

People with Sri Lanka ETA needs who need it within 24 hours can choose the priority service, guaranteeing a response. We recommend that you choose the priority service, as it will provide you with a response within 24 hours.

If you want priority service, then you must select this option when going through the payment process. We’ll process your Sri Lanka ETA as quickly as possible.

When is the best time to process an urgent Sri Lanka ETA?

Compared to how long to get Sri Lanka visa, the question you need to decide is when to submit the application?

Instead of worrying about your travel plans, you should be better equipped. The sooner you apply for Sri Lanka, the better, but if this is not possible for any reason, then all hope is not lost.

Even in situations of earlier flight times, spontaneous travel, last-minute work event, or personal emergencies – We have a solution for you.

If you need a Visa to fly to Sri Lanka, choosing the exemplary service for your ETA application is essential. Check out priority ETA services if you’re traveling 24 hours and haven’t already applied for your visa.

Hitting A Wall With The Visa Approved?

Applicants who applied for an ETA but haven’t heard back can find their status by checking the relevant email. All communication is done through email, so check for an update there.

If the ETA applicant hasn’t received an answer and checked their email’s spam folder, they can contact us for more information.

Aid-Air will also inform you on WhatsApp about the approval of the visa.

If your Sri Lanka visa application has been denied, you’ll need to start the process by submitting a new form.

One of the most common reasons applications are rejected is that an applicant provides the wrong information. They should check their confirmation email to ensure all the details are correct.

Aid-Air will take care of all the bureaucracy before your flight, How long to get Sri Lanka visa? Leave the job to Aid-Air.

Even in last minute situations, we will try to find a solution for you.

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