How to Get Visa Approved for Sri Lanka

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How to Get Visa Approved for Sri Lanka?

Visa to Sri Lanka for US citizens – Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean. Many people have been travelling to Sri Lanka, who have been granted visas.

The Sri Lankan government has been granting visas to people of all nationalities in recent years, as they have relaxed their visa requirements. This has caused an increase in tourism to Sri Lanka as more people are travelling and visiting the country.

US citizen need visa to visit Sri Lanka. The visa is called Sri Lanka eTA.

Sri Lanka eTA is an online visa application granted to US citizens in order to visit Sri Lanka.

The process of obtaining a Sri Lanka e-visa is quick, simple and painless. Once the application has been processed, the eTA will be emailed and you can print it out and bring it with you when entering Sri Lanka

How To Get a Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka in the United States

The Sri Lankan government introduced the Sri Lankan ETA in 2012 to make it easier for US citizens, among others, to visit.

The Sri Lankan ETA is a visa program that allows travelers to authorize their visits to Sri Lanka with a single online application. This makes it easier for travelers from certain countries, including the United States, to visit Sri Lanka.

US nationals do not need a visa ahead of time and can visit Sri Lanka without having to go through significant pre-departure preparations.

If you’re a US passport holder, the Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization is available for you to apply for online – no need to visit an embassy or consular office to apply.

The Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization is also known as ETA. It is a simplified and more efficient visa application process available to US passport holders.

What Is a Sri Lanka ETA for American Nationals?

A Sri Lanka ETA for American nationals is the same as an ETA for any other country. The only difference is that you will need to apply for a visa in your home country.

You can apply for an ETA online as a US citizen to travel to Sri Lanka. The digital permit is also valid for another country you plan to operate in, or if you’re just passing through Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka ETA is a digital travel permit. The ETA is only available to US citizens and this digital permit allows you to travel to Sri Lanka for tourism or business purposes.

The ETA costs $25 USD and lasts for one year. This visa exemption program has been established in order to encourage more tourists from the United States and other countries around the world to visit Sri Lanka.

Using our streamlined application process, US-based travelers can complete their visa applications in just a few minutes.

Getting an ETA online is the quickest and easiest way to authorize your trip to Sri Lanka. There is no need for you to apply for a visa ahead of time or have any paperwork at the embassy, as it does all that work for you.

Conditions of the Sri Lanka ETA for US citizens

The Sri Lanka ETA is a travel authorization that US citizens need to apply for before they can visit Sri Lanka. It is a pre-requisite for obtaining a visa to enter the country. The application process is relatively easy and it takes less than two minutes.

Sri Lanka has a 180-day ETA. It is valid for visiting Sri Indians for business, tourism, and transiting through any airport or seaport within the country.

If you’re an American traveling on vacation, you can enter Sri Lanka twice. If your trip is on business, you can come back and forth indefinitely.

American airline passengers traveling to a third country can now apply for the Transit ETAS. It’s a fairly straightforward process and one that every passenger should be aware of.

US travelers need to make sure their stay doesn’t exceed 48 hours. If it does, they should apply for a Visa on Arrival instead.

In order to enter the US, travelers must have a valid visa, passport or other travel document that is required by the US Customs and Border Protection. They also need to have a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or an ETA exemption. The latter is usually only granted in the case of emergencies.

US passport holders who want to stay in Sri Lanka for longer than a month, or are interested in taking up employment here, should arrange an appointment at the Sri Lankan embassy in Washington DC. They can also contact a consular office in New York, New Orleans, Honolulu, or Bakersfield based on their location.

Sri Lanka ETA Requirements for American Citizens

Regardless of your nationality, you must have a valid passport and a return ticket to be allowed to enter the country.

To visit Sri Lanka on vacation, you must have a return ticket in order to get a 30-day visitor visa.

If you plan to stay more than 30 days, you will need to apply for an extension of your visa.

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, you can apply for an extension at the Department of Immigration

Sri Lanka has a few ETA requirements for Americans, that are straight forward and include the following:

  1. A US passport valid for at least 180 days (6 months) on their arrival date in Sri Lanka.
  2. A frequently used email address.
  3. A valid debit or credit card.

Folks who are planning to come to Sri Lanka and their passport is going to expire in less than 6 months need to renew their passport before coming.

All of their communications with us will be done online, so they should apply with a gmail account or something.

To make online payments, you’ll need your credit or debit card.

Application Process for the Sri Lankan ETA for Americans

US travelers who confirm they meet the ESTA requirements can complete the online form. The ESTA application is a simple questionnaire that usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete, where they will need to share information such as their:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Home Address
  4. Email address
  5. Nationality

All applicants from the US should also provide details about their travel plans, including:

  1. Purpose of visit
  2. Ports of entry and departure

A passport with the following details:

  1. US Passport number
  2. US Passport issuance country and date
  3. US Passport expiry date

US citizens who are seeking tourist or business visas to Sri Lanka and answer the purpose of visit question with “tourism,” may only be allowed one entry. Visitors must enter and leave Sri Lanka at the same time, even if they are on a roundtrip ticket or visa.

Below are some useful safety tips for underage American citizens visiting Sri Lanka.

Travelling parties with minors should note that any visitors aged 16 or less can be included on their ETA application as long as they share the same passport with one of their parents or legal guardians.

Sri Lankan Customs and Immigration has released a statement saying that any traveling party with minors should note that any visitor aged 16 or less and sharing the same passport with one of their parents or legal guardians can be included on their ETA.

If they are over 16 years old or have their own individual passport, they will need their own individual ETA approved.

Payment of the Sri Lankan ETA for U.S. Applicants

Once you’re done filling out all of your question in the application, double-check what you wrote and make sure it matches up with your passport information.

After filling in all the questions and checking to see that they are accurate, citizens should then sign and date their form.

Whenever you make a mistake or typo, it can lead to delays in their evaluation or even rejection. They’ll have to pay the processing fee before they can finish the application.

Ensure not to make any mistakes or typos when using the ETA application process. You should proofread their application before submitting it, as any mistake could lead to delays in their evaluation or even a rejection. You will conclude the ETA application process by paying the processing fee.

What is the typical processing time for an ETA to Sri Lanka for US travelers?

Once you’ve submitted your request, you should hear from us within 2 business days.

Remember to apply for your ETA to Sri Lanka in good time so as to avoid last minute delays. There may be occasional spikes in workloads which can cause a delay, but often this is due to missing or inconsistent information on the application form.

US applicants will receive an ETA approval email. After they receive the email, they can print it out and keep it with their other documents.

US Visitors with a valid ETA can now visit Sri Lanka

American citizens who are traveling to Sri Lanka must present the passport registered in their Electronic Travel Authorization application. The ETA is electronically linked to this passport, which will be scanned by Sri Lanka immigration officials when the traveler arrives. The traveler may also be asked to present a printed copy of their ETA document.

US citizens coming to Sri Lanka need to show they have enough funds to maintain themselves during their stay and, if they are only visiting, a ticket back home or on to another country.

Extensions to a stay in Sri Lanka can be obtained by scheduling a visit to the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration. The extension is granted for a period of up to one year and is subject to the discretion of the immigration officer.

Visa on Arrival for American travelers coming to Sri Lanka

U.S. travelers who have an ETA and are arriving in Sri Lanka will be able to get a visa on arrival immediately upon presenting passport, proof of onward airfare and sufficient funds for the duration of their stay. U.S. travelers who do not have an ETA and are arriving in Sri Lanka will be required to provide a letter of invitation from a Sri Lankan company and proof of onward airfare before they can get a visa on arrival.

It’s a lot easier to apply for a visa by visiting the visa application website or using their mobile app. You can avoid that border hassle with minimal fuss.

US passport holders are now able to apply for a visa on arrival at Sri Lanka’s only international airport in Colombo. They need to queue for long hours after a long flight and if they’re lucky, they can get it first thing in the morning.

The Sri Lankan ETA is a much more preferred and convenient travel authorization for US citizens. 

The ETAs are much cheaper and quicker to obtain than a US visa. The visa on arrival can be obtained in for the cost of $185, about the same as a round-trip flight to Sri Lanka.

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